EQUATE Leaders’ Open Day

Team-building activities and games that are designed to reinforce positive values and ethics for EQUATE leaders.

Gulf Bank Open Day

Treasure hunt organized by BLANK for Gulf Bank’s Open Day event.

Burgan Bank – Internal Audit Department

Team-building exercises and activities were included to boost creativity, ensure harmony and strengthen team spirit.

Live Theatre

Hosted a BLANK Night, presenting the audience with the benefits of learning through play.

Ernst & Young

Organized team-building activities to promote teamwork and build confidence for the annual office event.

American International School

Prepared a treasure hunt for the fifth grade graduating class.


In line with our vision, we continued effectively with the camp activities (treasure hunt, arts & crafts, life skills and sports) for kids’ ages 5 – 12 years.

Spread the Passion

A set of activities and games to promote teamwork and collaboration.

National Bank of Kuwait – Business Banking Department

Team-building exercises were created to strengthen employee bonds by building trust and improving communication through smart play.

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