Alpha Dive Resort

Organized team building activities specifically catered to the resorts members.

360 Mall

Customized scavenger hunt for high school students organized at the mall.

Shakshooka Market

BLANK challenged the public to a treasure hunt during the event.

Kuwait Medical Students Association (KUMSA)

Organized treasure hunt tailor-made for medical students.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation – Oil Adventure Event

In cooperation with KPC, BLANK customized games related to the field of oil industry for the kids.

Earth Day

A customized treasure hunt for seven private schools sponsored by BLANK, with a theme celebrating the environment.


Special activities designed for the 5th annual Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD) carnival.

Rise Festival

Special games and activities were designed by BLANK for the first Rise Festival.

Asnan Tower

Special games and personalized activities created for Asnan Tower Family Day.

Go Kids

The first adventure game in Kuwait that promotes healthy eating habits & encourages exercising by playing.


In line with our vision, we continued for the fourth year effectively with the camp activities (treasure hunt, arts & crafts, life skills and sports) for kids’ ages 5 – 12 years.

VIVA Telecom Company

In cooperation with VIVA we organized a treasure hunt game, where the winning team earned (a vespa) motorbike designed on one of the world cup winning countries with a slogan to be a limited masterpiece version.

Rijeemi Center

We organized interactive games in collaboration with Rijeemi during their 5th walkathon , As games were designed to move mentally & physically.

Kuwait Oil Company

In cooperation with KOC breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Blank organized a treasure hunt for 6 teams in 360 mall.

Four Companies

Four companies competed on the treasure hunt game to win all the game stages where the spirit of each company was the highlight of the day.

Blank Winter Camp

Blank winter camp aims to provide kids with playful experience to help them develop their communication skills.

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