Boubyan Bank

Within Boubyan Bank 11th celebration , our company organized interactive games for 800 employees.

American University of Kuwait

We organized a scavenger hunt game for the American university students of Kuwait, on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year.

Blank Winter Camp

Blank winter camp aims to provide kids with playful experience to help them develop their cooperation & creativity.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

Under the auspices of Managing Director Training and career development in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, our company organized interactive games for the participants of the 1st Nifti camp about the story of oil. In addition we planned a diversion fortune chase on the international marketing department towards the end of the camp activities.

Zain – Social Partner to Qout Market

Under the patronage of Zain Telecommunication Company we participated in Qout Market by organizing games in a maze for the market attendees.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

In cooperation with KNPC we organized interactive games within the occasion of Kuwait national celebrations.

Zain Group

The idea behind this event comes from one of Zain’s Telecommunication Company values which is “Belonging” to break down barriers & bring people together.

Center for Continuing Education – The American University of Kuwait

The goal of this event is to build team spirit and strengthen relations between the team.

Asnan Tower

Asnan family open day .. creating a better work environment for Asnan teammates through our interactive games.

Burgan Bank

We were part of the Burgan Bank annual summer training program

Rijeemi Center

We organized interactive game in collaboration with Rijeemi 6th walkathon.

Blank Camp

In line with our vision, we continued for the fifth year effectively with the camp activities (treasure hunt, arts & crafts, life skills and sports) for kids’ ages 5 – 12 years.

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