The story behind the concept

We are two ambitious business partners, yet each has her own characteristics and vision. The idea of running a summer camp for children was generated during brainstorming led by our determination. Although we had many enquiries at first, we were fully supported by the assistance of our well experienced experts in the educational field.

The Name

We chose “Blank” as the name of the camp, which means empty in English. And here we carry out our role by filling this blank through providing & fulfilling our partisans with our activities rewarding surprises.

Our Objective

Our aim is to build a program that is based on entertainment along with the focus on learning theories intended to develop children’s skills & capabilities.

The Establishment


Our Product

We are a development club for children from 5-12 years. We apply fast learning theories and techniques, instilling diverse skills and abilities in an environment filled with entertainment, challenging activities & smart knowledge through a positive language.

Brief History

Studies have shown that only 22% of children adapt to traditional methods whereas 70% adapt to our methods & techniques using fast learning theories; through various classes and the fulfillment of mental and emotional needs, by combining physical movements with intellectual activities while utilizing the senses, which has
profound and insightful impacts on learning as well as smart entertainment.

Our Approach

Successful educational systems focus primarily on children’s growth and the development of their skills; therefore we aimed at having a variety of purposeful and motivational classes to invest in spending a happy and useful time, where children learn both inspire and creativity.

Our Teaching Ways

Children learn comprehensively through integrating the four learning tools: physical, auditory, visual and mental in order to gain the best learning methods taught by accredited teachers.


Volunteering is important at Blank, we believe in it and support it. Through volunteering you get to help others and make a difference, while giving back to your community. We encourage volunteering specially for students as it helps them develop new skills, gain a rewarding experience, boost their self-esteem, promote their personal growth and obtain an opportunity to explore new interests and goals.