EQUATE Leaders’ Open Day

Team-building activities and games that are designed to reinforce positive values and ethics for EQUATE leaders.

Equate Marketing Department

Provided personalized interactive physical activities to enhance the value of teamwork among members of the department.

EQUATE Leaders & Management Open Day

Customized interactive physical activities that stress and reinforce EQUATE’s core values, such as trust, teamwork, ethics, and interpersonal relationships between colleagues.

EQUATE Blank Events

Blank Events were part of Equate plastic awareness campaign in all Kuwait governorate between 12 schools of boys & girls.

EQUATE Create a positive difference

Charity bike build is a unique & challenging team activity during Equate Sustainability team appreciation brunch, where the bikes were donated to the Children of cancer patients.


“So powerful is the light of unity”

Sustainability team appreciation event.


A treasure hunt activity organized for EQUATE employees in Souk AL Mubarakiya to celebrate the National & Liberation days with the aim of learning about Kuwait’s History.

Equate Petrochemical Company

Team building activities for one of Equate’s departments.

Equate Petrochemical Company

Blank were part of Equate plastic awareness campaign in Kuwait governorate schools of boys & girls.

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